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ACTFL in Orlando, FL

November 22-24, 2013

September 2013
NNELL Sessions at ACTFL 2013 Orlando, FL
Session 1
Title: Whoa NNELLy! The Trifecta of Resources!
Description: The trifecta of resources for Early Language Learning! On a cart? In a class? Online? Connect Common Core through innovative, tested and approved technology, assessments and activities. Start by bringing assessments into the 21st century, continue around the track through activities and technology and win with support for your program!
Professional Learning Target Area: Personalized Learning
Level: PreK-8
List of Presenters: Nadine Jacobsen-McLean, Lynn Sessler Neitzel, Andrea Suarez
Language of Presentation: English
Applicable Language: All

Session 2
Title: Intercultural Competence in the Early Language Classroom
Description: In this session, we will discuss the importance of intercultural competence in the early language classroom and explore how language lessons can be modified to help students develop intercultural competence. We will share sample lessons, units, and rubrics created for a research project feature in NNELL’s Learning Languages journal.
Professional Learning Target Area: Research-informed instruction
Level: PreK-8
List of Presenters: Michael Byram, Durham University, Dorie Conlon-Perugini, Glastonbury Public Schools, Manuela Wagner, University of Connecticut
Language of Presentation: English
Applicable Language: All

Session 3
Title: Assessing Chinese Proficiency: Examples from Immersion
Description: Participants will learn how assessments of Chinese proficiency for elementary age students can be used in daily instruction for all ages. Participants will see examples of assessment activities that integrate academic content and language functions. Through student-to-student interaction and teacher-to-student interaction, assessments help teachers to create a highly engaging classroom that builds overall Chinese proficiency.
Professional Learning Target Area: Standards and Assessment
Level: PreK-12
List of Presenters: Kathleen Wang ,Pioneer Valley Charter School
Language of Presentation: Chinese and English
Applicable Language: All

NNELL and Advocacy Alerts
During the 2013 Delegate Assembly, many attendees raised the question of whether passing a policy alert from JNCL-NCLIS to association members would violate the rules against lobbying for non-profit associations.

Does passing a policy alert from JNCL-NCLIS to association members violate the rules against lobbying for non-profit associations?

A communication to members that urges them to contact their legislative representative and ask that representative to support or oppose legislation is considered a form of lobbying. If the NCLIS policy alert urges recipients/readers of the alert to contact their Member of Congress, then this could be considered lobbying.

How does this affect NNELL and its advocacy alerts?

NNELL will continue to pass on advocacy alerts that originate with JNCL-NCLIS and ACTFL, but you will now see the disclaimer:
The legislative alert below was sent by JNCL-NCLIS and ACTFL to its members and we are providing it to you for informational purposes. As a non-profit that is not legally allowed to lobby, we are obligated to inform you that NNELL is not officially asking you to contact your Congressional Representative or take any other particular action.

NNELL at the Central States Conference on the
Teaching of Foreign Languages

Plan now to attend the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages at Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark on March 20-22, 2014.

  • CSCTFL special events on Thursday: Delegate Assembly for 17 states, Extension Workshop, Advisory Council Reception/Business Meeting and Exhibit Gala Opening
  • CSCTFL events on Friday: welcome, awards, and keynote speaker. The keynote speaker is Anthony Jackson, Vice-President for Education of the Asia Society.
  • Friday evening join us for language receptions and Ennio Emmanuel in concert presented by the Justo Lamas Group
  • Special events on Saturday: NNELL Breakfast and Networking Session and luncheon for NADSFL/NCSSFL members
  • National exhibitors from Thursday evening until Saturday noon
  • More than 180 sessions from which to choose on Friday and Saturday including language-specific topics
  • 30 workshops ranging in language and topic throughout the conference including the ACTFL workshop-Planning for Student Learning: Effective Curriculum, Unit, and Lesson Design

The Conference Preview is available at http://www.csctfl.org

New Resources Available in NNELL's Members Only Area: National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center Materials
Thanks to Dr. Marcia Rosenbusch, NNELL is pleased to offer members access to a variety of resources from the National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center.

Standards Based Thematic Units:
The first six units provide invaluable examples of thematic teaching that integrate language, culture, and subject content. They were inspired by Carol Ann Pesola Dahlberg’s “Framework for Curriculum Development” (Curtain & Pesola, 1994, p. 62). These units were among the first published materials to relate classroom teaching to the national student standards in foreign language education.

The other units owe their inspiration to Mari Haas. Most of the authors were in one of the NFLRC summer institutes Mari co-taught in Iowa. The remaining authors have been Mari’s students at Teachers College, Colombia University.

Research projects on Spanish Dual-Immersion and Chinese FLES:
In response to the need in the profession for research on early foreign language education, the NFLRC's research efforts for 2006-2010 were focused on two longitudinal studies. The resources in this section include program overviews, curriculum, information about professional development, resources for administrators and parents, and a research overview of the two programs.

Other Resources:
Members will find past issues of the Alumni E-newsletter, information about past institutes and copies of Brining the Standards to the Classroom: A Teacher’s Guide.

History of the K-12 NFLRC:
Marcia Harmon Rosenbusch, Ph.D., served as the Director of the National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC) at Iowa State University since it was first funded by the U.S. Department of Education in 1994. The NFLRC was the first federally funded center to focus on building a strong foundation in foreign language education in elementary and secondary schools as a means of improving the nation’s capacity for teaching and learning languages at all levels, K-16.

Through Dr. Rosenbusch’s leadership, the NFLRC addressed projects that were innovative for their time and focused on positively impacting the world language profession. These have included professional development institutes focused on integrating into classroom instruction: standards-based teaching, thematic teaching, technology, assessment strategies, and action research. She directed 44 summer professional development institutes taught by nationally recognized leaders in the profession to over 800 K-12 world language teachers and teacher educators from all 50 states.

Dr. Rosenbusch’s final research projects focused on two elementary school program models: K-3 Spanish dual language (an intensive language program model in which instruction is provided half of the time in Spanish and half in English to the students, of which at least half are native Spanish speakers) and K-2 Chinese FLES (a non-intensive language program model). These projects involved longitudinal research on the attitudes of students, parents, and teachers toward the language and culture; student progress in language proficiency; and student scores on standardized assessments of English language arts and mathematics as compared to students in control schools where no world language is taught.

National Network for Early Language Learning