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NNELL Summer Institute

July 12-14, 2013

April 2013
Nominations for the
National Network for Early Language Learning Award
And the award goes to…! NNELL is seeking nominations for the NNELL award for Outstanding Support of Early Second Language Learning at the ACTFL conference in Orlando. At the ACTFL conference in Philadelphia, NNELL recognized Dr. John David Edwards for his support and advocacy for foreign languages. The NNELL Award for Outstanding Support of Early Second Language Learning will be given to an individual or individuals who have demonstrated outstanding support of early second language learning of languages other than English. Nominees may be actively involved in their efforts in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, the following: principal or other school administrator, district or state school superintendent, classroom teacher, parent, school board member, businessperson, civic leader, politician/elected representative. Nominees should be individuals whose primary job responsibilities are not related to the field of second language education. For more information please go to nnell.org/awards . Submissions should be postmarked no later than June 1, 2013.

NNELL is Seeking Members to Join Advocacy Committee

NNELL is seeking members who wish to be part of the Advocacy Committee. We are looking for members that:

  • Teach languages other than Spanish.
  • Are interested in finding online resources to support teaching those languages.
  • Are able to write brief summaries about those resources to be included in Newsworthy.


These are non-voting positions. Any communication sent out to the membership under the name of the Advocacy Committee must first be edited and approved by the Early Language Learning Advocate and the NNELL President.


Your input and expertise has the potential to help many people around the nation. Please contact NNELL’s Early Language Learning Advocate, Tammy Dann at tdann@nnell.org if you are interested in becoming a member of the Advocacy Committee.


NNELL Webinars
Thank you to those of you who attended NNELL’s third webinar by Dorie Conlon Perugini titled Engaging Students through Digital Storytelling. It was a success and is now available online along with our first two webinars by Al Martino (Literacy and FLES Connecting to the Common Core Learning Standards) and Nathan Lutz (Learning by Doing: Language Learning in Summer Camps, After School Clubs). Members can view all three webinars on demand for free and non-members can view webinars for $35 each.


NNELL Board Members Attend Regional Conferences

2013 Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Columbus, Ohio – attended by Jacque Bott Van Houten, past president and Nadine Jacobsen, vice president


During her Keynote, Terry Caccavale, past president of NNELL thanked our organization and its hardworking members for their efforts on behalf of early Language Learning.

Congratulations to Carol Ann Dahlberg who received the 2013 Founders Award for Professional Excellence in Language Education for the work that she and Helena Curtain have done for the profession. We all concur with the quote below and are so proud of their contributions!


“Together they provide an inspiring model for all language educators to follow. Each has made countless contributions to language teaching and learning.”


2013 Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Baltimore, Maryland – attended by Rita A. Oleksak, president


NNELL president, Rita A. Oleksak, attended the NECTFL conference recently last month in Baltimore. She had the opportunity to network with our generous sponsors and advertisers in an effort to secure more opportunities for our NNELL members. Please look for these sponsors who have agreed, to date, to support our NNELL National Summer Institute 2013:

ACTFL, Santillana, Sans (Chester Technical), MaFLA


If you know of other companies that would like to sponsor a part of this exciting summer professional development event please have them contact our president directly at: roleksak@nnell.org

Upcoming Conferences:


Rita will also be attending the upcoming National Chinese Language Conference from April 7-9, 2013 in Boston, MA and she welcomes the opportunity to meet fellow NNELLer’s!


Nadine Jacobsen (njacobsen@nnell.org) and Rita A. Oleksak (roleksak@nnell.org) will be attending the Joint National Committee on Languages meeting in Washington, DC from May 9-11, 2013 in order to advocate for support of early language learning. Please send them your comments and ideas to bring forward to our national lobbying organization.

Remind others to renew their membership
As the new membership year gets underway, remind other early language educators that NNELL wants to keep members connected to others interested in early language learning around the nation. Have them consider joining NNELL or renewing their membership today so that they can take advantage of all that NNELL has to offer!

Save the Date - NNELL Summer Institute

Sequestration Now in Effect: Urge a Grand Bargain
Contact your members of Congress today to encourage them to work with their colleagues on both sides of the aisle and in the White House to reach a long-term, balanced approach to deficit reduction. Encourage them to end sequestration and make early language learning a priority!
Click here to learn more about ACTFL’s Action Alert, “Sequestration Now in Effect - Urge a Grand Bargain” and contact your representative and senators today!

National Network for Early Language Learning