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December 2012
NNELL Officer Update
Congratulations to NNELL’s new officers! Nadine Jacobsen-McLean was elected to serve as the Vice President and Diane DeNoon was elected to be the secretary-treasurer. Marcela Summerville has been appointed to be the National Networking Coordinator and Dorie Perugini will serve as the Executive Secretary. We thank Paula Patrick for agreeing to continue to serve in the capacity of Membership Secretary.

Thank you Al Martino and Rebecca Fox for your service to the organization.

ACTFL 2012

Congratulations to presenters of NNELL sponsored sessions:


  • Dorie Perugini for Aligning Our Targets: Proficiency, Learning, Assessment
  • Helena Curtain, Greg Duncan and Alyssa Villarreal for Aligning Our Targets: Proficiency, Learning, Assessment
  • Nathan Lutz for Digital Portfolios in the Early Language Classroom


Look for resources from these presentations soon in the Members-Only section of the NNELL website.

NNELL celebrated its 25th anniversary with a focus on networking, history and the future of early language learning at the NNELL Networking Breakfast. Thank you to Helena Curtain and Alyssa Villarreal for their inspirational presentation How Far We Have Come: How can our Journey Inform our Future Practice?

NNELL continued its birthday celebration with an informal get-together during the Saturday evening of ACTFL. Over 70 people were there to share memories, make new friends and touch base with old friends. We plan to continue this new tradition every year at ACTFL. We hope you can join us next year!

NNELL is honored to recognize J. David Edwards, former executive director of JNCL-NCLIS, as the recipient for the 2012 award for Outstanding Support of Early Second Language Learning. His contributions to the profession have been numerous and he worked tirelessly for more than 30 years as an advocate for the language profession.

NNELL would like to thank ACTFL for their support and collaboration in allowing us to formally present this award as part of the ACTFL Awards Ceremony on Friday evening.


Advocacy Committee

NNELL is seeking members who wish to be part of the Advocacy Committee. We are looking for help in three different areas:

  • Submit links for the monthly publication Newsworthy, a publication which offers links to important articles and websites with information and resources for parents, educators, and policymakers advocating for K-8 programs.
  • Review and briefly summarize links submitted by NNELL members for Newsworthy.
  • Lead discussions, post questions and share advocacy ideas on the NNELL Advocacy Google Group.


These are non-voting positions. Any communication sent out to the membership under the name of the Advocacy Committee must first be edited and approved by the Early Language Learning Advocate and the NNELL President.


Your input and expertise has the potential to help many people around the nation. Please contact NNELL’s Early Language Advocate, Tammy Dann at tdann@nnell.org if you are interested in becoming a member of the Advocacy Committee.


Technology Survey

This survey consists of 12 questions in which respondents identify the technology currently being used by both teachers and students, and ranking questions designed to identify the greatest concerns teachers have regarding technology use in the classroom. If you have questions about the survey or would like to share more observations about the topic, feel free to contact Kennedy Schultz at kennedy.schultz@gmail.com


Please consider taking part in this brief survey. It will be open through the end of December. Click on this link to participate https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BPGH29W


Remind others to renew their membership
As the new membership year gets underway, remind other early language educators that NNELL wants to keep members connected to others interested in early language learning around the nation. Have them consider joining NNELL or renewing their membership today so that they can take advantage of all that NNELL has to offer!

Online Elementary WL Methods Course Offered Spring 2013

There are still a few spaces left in the Spring 2013 online course, “Methods in Elementary School World Language Instruction,” which is designed for practicing and pre-service teachers. In this course, 14 national leaders in early world language education collaborate with Dr. Marcia H. Rosenbusch, Iowa State University, by teaching course components in their areas of expertise. The collaborators, including practicing teachers and teacher trainers, represent both the commonly and the less commonly taught languages. This course meets the requirement for the specialized methods course for the Iowa Endorsement in K-8 World Language Education. Check with your State Department of Education to see if this course meets requirements for endorsement or certification in your state.



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